Zaria Garrison - Author

Zaria's Bio


Zaria Garrison is a nationally bestselling author who is committed to writing literature that ministers as well as entertains. 

While writing under the Urban Christian Imprint of Kensington Publishing she released five Christian fiction novels. Prodigal, Losing It, Faking Reality, and Nobody’s Son. 

Zaria is owner and CEO of Pink Praise Publishing, her own imprint of books and has released The Rainbow Z , The Power of Pink (A Christmas Story) and Blessed by Betrayal. All of Zaria's books are available online and at bookstores nationwide. Also visit her site store to purchase autographed copies directly from Zaria.

Zaria was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2013 and is a proud survivor. Her works are dedicated to breast cancer survivors and a portion of the proceeds are donated to breast cancer charities. 

Zaria's Ghostwriting


Why hire me to ghostwrite your book?

As a published author (Kensington Publishing Corporation), I have also self-published; in addition, I have co-owned, and written for, a literary magazine and reviewed books in several genres. 

This means that I have been scrutinized by some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry and know how to write an interesting and compelling bestselling story.

What does this mean for you? I know that I can help turn your great idea into a great book. For example, I have taken the recordings and diaries of a former R&B singer and turned them into a bestselling book. Whether you have an idea, a complete draft, or anything in between – I will organize your thoughts, flesh out the plot, and develop it into a book you can be proud of and it won’t take an excessive amount of commitment from you.

More importantly, you will retain ownership/rights to your story.  It is your book and you have the choice to either include my name on the cover or simply a byline inside the book jacket.  

We all have a story inside, let me help you get it out and make it a reality!!!